Tarantula Azul Citrus Tequila

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31 January 2024

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  Tasting notes :


This is the tequila that you’ve always wanted - 100 proof and 100% pure agave.

 Tarantula Plata 100 has a clean, freshly distilled taste, and

Tequila Reposado 100 takes the same great tequila and

ages it in the highest quality oak barrels for a smooth-tasting experience.

 Tarantula Azul blends premium Tequila with crisp citrus flavors,

resulting in a smooth and steady blue shot like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.

 With a refreshing pop of citrus, a shot of Tarantula Azul gives you the bite without the burn.


Color : --

Aroma : Crisp spice and tart citrus flavors.

Taste : This is extremely rich and very balanced in flavour.

Finish : Finish is smooth and long.

How to serve :  Over ice with a splash of lime.



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