Champagne Bollinger; sparkling, "Bollinger R.D., Extra Brut".

"Bollinger R.D., Extra Brut" AOC. Champagne 2007 RP 97, JR: 17.5; 75 cl.

29 January 2024

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Tasting Notes :


Bollinger’s 2007 R.D. is superb, but it is also a wine that reflects the nature

of a unique and challenging growing season.

 In most vintages the R.D. is marked by the distinct creaminess and breadth of Aÿ Pinot Noir.

 Two thousand seven, though, was a difficult year marked by very dry weather,

rain at the end of the growing season and an early harvest in August,

something that was not as common as it has become.  

Selection was essential. For the 2007, the blend is composed

of just 14 villages compared to the more typical 18-25.

Verzenay is the main Pinot component while

Cramant plays the leading role in the Chardonnays.  

For these reasons, the 2007 is an R.D. driven by more focus,

energy and tension than readers are used to seeing.

Lemon confit, dried flowers, sage, mint, crushed rocks,

almond and ginger are some of the aromas and

flavors that give the 2007 its complex, multi-faceted personality.

The 2007 can be enjoyed now, but I would prefer to cellar it for a few years.

It will age effortlessly for decades as it moves through the various phases of its life.

I was reminded of the way Champagne can magically traverse time

by magical bottles of the 1976 R.D. and

1996 Vieilles Vignes Françaises I tasted recently.

The blend is 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay, 91%

Grand Cru fruit and the rest Premier Cru.

Bollinger fans will notice the return of the original label,

with the disgorgement date clearly visible,

a tribute to Madame Bollinger, who was a pioneer in so many ways. Disgorged:

July 10, 2020. Dosage is 3 grams per liter.


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