De Bortoli; red, "Harvest Diary Shiraz Cabernet", Reserve.

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"Harvest Diary Shiraz Cabernet" Reserve, Riverina 2019; 75 cl.

29 January 2024

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De Bortoli Harvest Diary Shiraz Cabernet, 2019.

 The De Bortoli Harvest Diary Shiraz Cabernet has fresh flavours of dark fruits and

berry finessed with some toasty vanillin oak characters.
 Soft rounded tannins, great length and texture.
Style Notes :
 Variety : Shiraz Cabernet
Origin : Australia
Locality : South Australia
 Tasting Notes : Dry / Medium Bodied, Maroon Red in colour.

Ripe plum and berry fruit enhanced by spicy oak. 

Plum, berry fruit and a hint of blackcurrant,

combined with some savoury notes and spicy oak.

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