Planeta; white, "Planeta La Segreta Bianco – (Grecanico / Chardonnay)".

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"Planeta La Segreta Bianco – (Grecanico / Chardonnay)" Sicilia D.O.C. 2020; 75 cl.

29 January 2024

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La Segreta Il Bianco

Sicilia D.O.C.

50% Grecanico 30% Chardonnay 10% Viognier 10% Fiano

La Segreta takes its name from the wood that surrounds our vineyard at Ulmo.

This young fresh wine is made principally from Grecanico grapes and

gains style and personality with the addition of international varieties.

 All the grapes are knowledgeably cultivated in vineyards owned by Planeta.

La Segreta is a versatile companion for everyday drinking and for the most diverse occasions.

It is a perfect approach to Sicilian wine, with the right relationship between quality and price,

guaranteed by the patient work of the Planeta family, from vine to bottle.


 Tasting notes :  

A clear yellow colour with green hints which anticipate its freshness. 
 Vinification : 

Static decanting of must after destalking and soft pressing;

ferments at 15⁰C in stainless steel vats, remaining there until bottling.

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